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[Picture: Maotai's stock price rose 300 times and only ranked ninth. These stocks rose over a thousand times] Excluding the old eight stocks, of the more than 3,800 stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, 2,349 shares have doubled since their listing, of which the stock price has risen by more than 10 times. There are 448 stocks, 25 stocks are over 100 times, and 2 stocks are over 1000 times. Welcome to the historical opportunity, quick account opening entrance >> On June 23, the three major A-share indexes closed up collectively, the liquor sector soared, and the share price of Kweichow Moutai, an individual stock, closed up 47%. It once rose to 14,800 yuan per share during the intraday trading. A record high, with a market value of over 85 trillion, surpassing ICBC and becoming the new stock king. Looking back, the stock price of Kweichow Moutai has risen more than 300 times since its listing, and the stock price of some A-shares has risen more than 1,000 times. According to data from Orient Wealth Choice, excluding the old eight stocks, of the more than 3,800 stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, 2,349 stocks have doubled since their listingHow to operate the stock. Among them, 448 stocks have increased by more than 10 times, and 25 stocks have increased by more than one hundred times. There are 2 strands of double. Vanke A and Gree Electric's share price rose more than 2,800 times, and Fuyao Glass's share price rose 921 times. The stock prices of Luzhou Laojiao, Yunnan Baiyao, Yili, Hengrui Pharmaceutical, Changchun Hi-tech, and Kweichow Moutai all rose more than 300 times.

This week, the index accelerated its upward trend, and the two markets performed strongly. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index stabilized at an integer mark of 3,400 points and hit a two-year high. As of Friday's close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.07% to close at 34458 points, three consecutive positives on the weekly line; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.40% to close at 140,266 points; the ChiNext Index rose 0.68% to close at 2,730.84 points. Market volume shrank, with a total of 748.7 billion yuan in transactions between the two cities. On the disk, the food and beverage sector led the gains, followed by the non-ferrous metals, national defense and military industry, and light industry manufacturing sectors; the banking, real estate, and non-bank financial sectors led the decline. Huaxin Securities believes that the uncertainty in the short-term emotional game is increasing, and it is safer for investors to choose a low-purchase model. In addition, for A shares, it has entered a breakthrough time window. Once a new trend cannot be launched, the market has a high probability Return to the center of the box.

In May, the A-share market fluctuated and closed slightly, but the northward capital still maintained a net inflow trend. The total net inflow of land stocks that month was 30.1 billion yuan. From the perspective of the distribution of stock market value, the stock market value of Lu Stock Connect has collectively increased in the three major sectors. From the perspective of the change in the proportion of holdings, the proportion of the main board has decreased, and the small and medium-sized board and the GEM continue to increase.

Where will the A-share market go in April? Industry insiders believe that the current situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, macro-control policies continue to be introduced, and the valuation of A shares is at a relatively low level, and the market has greater room for rebound and allocation value in the second quarter.

Debon Fund believes that the market is still expected to maintain a structural market, and it needs to pay more attention to bottom-up stock selection, and actively pay attention to optional consumption, procyclical products, and technology stocks that are in place. Generally speaking, we are not pessimistic about the market outlook. Short-term market adjustments are conducive to risk release. As the trend of the allocation of funds from financial management to equity in the residential sector continues, A-shares fell The space may be more limited, and you can use a more positive attitude to layout.

From the perspective of capital outflows, the top industry sector in the main net outflow of funds is computer, with a net outflow of 58.4 billion yuan. Among them, the top stocks in net outflow include Hang Seng Electronics, Inspur Information, UFIDA, and Zhongke Chuangda. , Sangfor; ranked second in the electronics sector, with a net outflow of 28.6 billion yuan, of which the top stocks in net outflow are Shanghai Electric Power, LuxshHow to operate the stockare Precision, Shengyi Technology, Yiwei Lithium Energy, and Changxin Technology; Ranked third is the communications sector, with a net outflow of 21 billion yuan of main funds, among which the top stocks in net outflow are Fiberhome, Xingwang Ruijie, Wangsu Technology, Dr. Peng, and Gosuncn.

Some loss-making stocks were recommended by institutions. Changan Automobile, Sino-Singapore Sec, Wen's, Lens Technology, Muyuan shares and other stocks have more than 20 institutional ratings, Hanrui Cobalt has 17 institutional ratings, and Zhengbang Technology has 10 institutional ratings. In addition, Tianbang shares, Oufeiguang, Dabeinong, Sanlipu and other stocks are all rated by more than 5 institutions.