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On March 29th, the three major indexes opened higher in early trading. The ChiNext index fell under pressure at 1850. At the same time, the Shanghai Index, which had dropped to 3100 points, rose rapidly. From the peOwn stockrspective of the disk, the market trend is switching today, and real estate and resource stocks are rapidly rising when technology stocks dive in early trading. In terms of sector indexes, cement, steel, real estate, securities firms, banks, etc. had the largest gains, while military industry, medical and pharmaceuticals, and electronic equipment performed weakly. In terms of individual stocks, Vanke A was closed in late trading, and large-cap stocks such as China Construction Bank, Midea Group, and Yili (600887, shares) once rose more than 5%.

From the perspective of rising sectors, low valuations, early stagflation, and cyclical sectors have achieved greater returns. On the whole, the market risk appetite is relatively conservative in the current position. In the future, whether the market style will continue to be biased towards cycles and low valuations, we may prefer to continue to observe. From the perspective of medium and long-term cycles, the prosperity of the high-tech industry chain such as technology and medicine is still worth looking forward to.

From the perspective of time and space, there is still a small distance from the last low point. From a time point of view, the next daily time node is in late November (around the end of the month); from a spatial point of view, 28951 points are only at the same horizontal angle as the 28954 points on October 9th, but they are not relatively large. Or relatively obvious spatial support. From the current technical situation of the Shanghai Composite Index, there are two more important spatial supports: around 2880 points and around 2840 points.

The "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Refinancing Securities Lending and Refinancing Business on the Sci-tech Innovation Board" stipulates that eligible institutional investors such as public funds, social security funds, insurance funds and other strategic investors participating in the initial public offering of the Sci-tech Innovation Board issuer can serve as The lender participates in the sci-tech innovation board securities lending through agreed and non-agreed filing methods.

Judging from the changes in the market value of positions, the market value of 13 stocks held by Northbound Funds decreased by more than 500 million yuan this week, and the market value reduction of the positions held by Luxshare Precision (002475), CDF (601888) and Aier Ophthalmology (300015) ranked first , The market value of positions decreased by 19.9 billion yuan, 12.5 billion yuan, and 12 billion yuan respectively. Among the top ten stocks in terms of market value reduction this week, except for China Freedom and WuXi AppTec (603259), which were increased by 15.34 million shares and 9.59 million shares by Northbound Funds, all other stocks were reduced.

The focus of Chaoda’s main funding this week is slightly scattered, but the trend of focusing on the industry's leading Baima stocks is still obvious. The leading liquor stocks Wuliangye and the insurance leading stocks Ping An separated the first and second places, with a net outflow of 700 million yuan and 600 million yuan. It is worth noting that there are two stocks on the list that have experienced considerable gains in the week: taking advantage of the skyrocketing RCS concept stocks, Wutong Holdings rose by more than 40% in the week, aOwn stock 10-month high, but it also received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Letter of concern; Affected by the global condom shortage news, Renfu Medicine continued its daily limit during the week, rising by nearly 30% during the week, setting a new high in more than two years.

Regarding the allocation of the liquor sector, Chen Li believes that it needs to be viewed from a structural perspective: some liquors are daily consumer goods, and the company’s valuation and investment value can be estimated by referring to relevant indicators such as annual revenue and net profit; the other part of liquor, especially High-end liquor has a collection attribute, and the valuation of such companies cannot be compared with the valuation of pure consumer goods.