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Stock purchase lighten up

With the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opening higher on Monday, the riskStock purchase lighten up preference sentiment in the global market is also high.

The competition will simulate the trading market and real A-share market data synchronization, participants can personally experience the real A-share market trading environment, while ensuring the participants' stock speculation experience, but also can avoid investment risk.

On the 16th, Bank of America reported better than expected second quarter earnings of 37 cents per share, exceeding the market consensus of 10 cents per share, and higher than expected revenue.

On the A-share market, the two cities fell in volume on Friday, with all major industry sectors all ink, while precious metal plate was relatively resistant to decline.

Before that, the IPO price of new shares in the U.S. - 8.5 billion U.S. dollars per share had a certain impact on the follow-up valuation of U.S. auto companies.

According to the state Trust Securities research paper, the market ofStock purchase lighten up 15 billion metal supports is expected to be reduced to 2-5 billion yuan.

Trump later clarified that he was only joking, while kafto questioned the need to clarify that the president was not joking yesterday when he talked about injecting disinfectant into the body.