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It is estimated that about one quarter of the world's population is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. As a new type of tuberculosis skin test diagnostic reagent independently developed by China, Yika has been successfully developed. On April 29, 2020, Zhifei Biology (300122, Guba) announced that the product has obtained the druMidea buys stockg registration approval issued by the State Drug Administration. The successful introduction of Yika will provide higher accessibility for large-scale TB infection detection in China. At present, who has entrusted the global innovation diagnosis foundation (the

In December 2018, Vanke responded that the construction standards met the requirements of national specifications. The engineers of Guangzhou Hongli company said after checking the site that the toilet leakage had a great relationship with the main pipe not being blocked well.

First, the creative atmosphere is active. The number of active players in the Kwai Yue active game has exceeded 1 million 600 thousand, and the number of active short video creators in the month has exceeded 9 million.

In the United States, unicorn companies are the largest in SaaS and artificial intelligence, followed by e-commerce and financial technology. In China, unicorn is dominated by e-commerce, followed by artificial intelligence and financial technology.

This is the second financing for the AI company, which has only been established for a year and a half. Prior to that, in September 2019, the company obtained 58 million yuan Angel round financing, with linear capital as the lead investor, and red dot China, Peihua capital, Boyi industry and Shanghai Science and technology innovation fund followed.

"On July 28, 2020, Great Wall strategic consulting successfully held the press conference of China's high growth enteMidea buys stockrprises and China Unicorn Enterprise Research Report.

In order to solve the problem of standardization, headmaster education independently developed intelligent course scheduling system and intelligent lesson preparation system. The intelligent course scheduling system can intelligently match and arrange courses according to the portraits of teachers and students, and select the most suitable teacher for students. The intelligent lesson preparation system is mainly composed of courseware, which contains many "slices". Slicing includes overview, knowledge points, examples and test points. Mastering this slice is equivalent to mastering knowledge points. For different students, the leader education will include a number of slices and the corresponding examples and exercises extracted from the question bank to form a courseware to help teachers prepare lessons efficiently and save more time in teaching and research.