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The focus of the structural adjustment of the steel industry in 2019 is to maintain a good momentum of basic balance between supply and demand, qualitatively promote the high-quality development of the entire industry, and reduce the capacity and industri

Judging from todays market concerns, it is undoubtedly the recent hot stock SF Holdings daily limit that opened and released a huge amount of market behavior. This huge shock phenomenon shows that although its sudden resumption of trading in recent days h

The heat wave of A-share holdings this year has been pushed up by the influx of outstanding shares. According to data, in 2020, a total of 2,384 listed companies will lift the ban on new shares, corresponding to a total market value of approximately 61 tr

However, innovative and entrepreneurial companies in the above industries that are deeply integrated with new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, automation, new energy, and artificial

On March 29th, the three major indexes opened higher in early trading. The ChiNext index fell under pressure at 1850. At the same time, the Shanghai Index, which had dropped to 3100 points, rose rapidly. From the perspective of the disk, the market trend